The senhime they went to the peony festival

Every year From April 27~ until April 29 .  “Senhime peony  festival” was held in Himeji castle.
Every year showing a big event.


How Blessed with fine weather . It was a good climate.

Will introduce what’s called “get marriage procession of Senhime sama ” which is the main events in the festival Senhime sama peony.

By the way, is known  as “get on the palaguin set with jewels”  That when you marry into a rich daughter It’s seem  to be a good ride.
How so interesting !


Will introduce the state of the “get marriage procession of Senhime Sama.

It seem now “your marriage” That you get married because it was places bearers to house your son-in law’s to  put the bride to ” sedan chair”



Introducing the state of the ” Get marriage procession of Senhime Sama”

“The marriage procession of Shinhime sama” Tharocession of Senhime Sama” it began with the sound of “o-o,oh. It is wrapped in a solemn atmosphere that  knows got married.


The gate keepers had in array of the temple of Himeji castle.It is a solemn,suspicious figure to look up on the suddenly by leaving the gates inside.

Yes, it is a Ninja !

Sharp eyed !
Is a horror !

In the meantime,column has progressed steadily. not even know that are targeted by Ninjas is dangerous.




The Senhime  sama . Has been walking side with the Fendal Lord.
It was so beautiful!
I guess so..

Ninjas has come suddenly, the Armor will protect the place of dangerous !

Exciting !


Ninja has not fear, on the fight. Armor went away for instant.

Everyone who relieved and reunited the marriage happily.


Senhime sama, wife how to dress-up kimono.The kimono pattern variety is wonderful.

“The marriage procession of Senhime Sama ” like in this way.

This event for every year, first time to saw it was so much excited.

Join us.The gallery has many more have fun …